If youd like to get to know more about me, this is the page to do so. Ive put together a collection of pictures and have written up some things about my life.

I know its not that exciting, but its the only "life" I have.



posing at the edge of the grand canyon

relaxing on Isla Mujheres



Douglas Hathaway was born in Juneau, Alaska in 1965. Doug spent most of his youth in Valdez, Alaska, the terminus of the oil pipeline. In his senior year in high school, Doug left Alaska for Washington State. He finished his schooling and joined the U.S. Army.

While in the army, Doug travelled to Turkey, Greece, Korea and to many places within the U.S.

After completing his 3 year term in the army, Doug settled in Denver, Colorado. He began working on an undergraduate degree at the University of Colorado at Denver.

Upon completing his degree in International Relations, he began working jobs that would lead him to become very familliar with computers and graphic arts.

He worked for US West (now known as Qwest) for seven years.

His duties included desktop support, release management, and configuration management.

Currently he is self-employed as a graphics designer and web developer.